YBLTV is Tailor-Made For You

  • Special Advertising

    Showcase your restaurant, nightclub or bar in the YBLTV Magazine. Distributed at trade shows and conventions and select locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley, connect with our audience in a very effective way. Our readers tune in to not only our website, but our digital and print Magazines. Your special […]

  • YBLTV Brochure

    Get your message, coupon or ad into the hands of exhibitors and attendees at Las Vegas’ largest and most exclusive trade shows and conventions with ad placement in the YBLTV Brochure. Handed out to everyone our Team meets or interviews, this in-person marketing represents an unparalleled opportunity.

  • Partner With YBLTV to Giveaway Your Product

    Drive Social Media Engagement with a YBLTV Giveaway Participate in one or more of our Giveaways to drive social media engagement for your brand. Our social media contests use different kinds of Actions, which gives our users the opportunity to complete in return for a chance to win a prize. First, YBLTV must have […]

  • Your Special Promotion on YBLTV

    Promotions Get your promotion AND brand into the hands of attendees at Las Vegas’ major trade shows. Got a special offer? List your promotion in the YBLTV Promotions section of our website. Site visitors can navigate directly to Promotions on our website or they can scan the QR Code on […]

  • Your Sponsorship On Our YBLTV Tent Business Cards

    Biz Card Sponsorships Your logo, ad or special message on the inside of our tent business cards distributed at trade shows. What a better way to get your logo branding and message into the hands of local and international Attendees and Exhibitors at trade shows than with this exclusive branding! […]

  • Your Commercial Before YBLTV Video Content

    Website Video Ads Your :15 or :30 commercial plays before our video content. Your above-the-fold video ad appears before our programming and rotates with up to 15 advertisers for 30 days on YBLTV. This video pre-roll can be 15 – 30 seconds and is clickable taking visitors back to your company site […]